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Non Performing Loans

Advisory and management  of non-performing loans portfolios

With more than 40 years of combined experience in situations of debt restructuring, we have acted on behalf of all the relevant parties (the board of directors of the debtor company, management, lenders, suppliers, etc.) involved in refinancing cases  of non-performing loans for a cumulated amounts in excess of 25 billion dollars.

Our unique approach arises from our extensive banking experience in: Corporate and Investment Banking, Project Finance and Credit Restructuring in several leading financial institutions. We also possess a solid background in advisory skills, as partners in several first-class consulting firms, as long as management experience as COO and CFO in Europe and Latin America corporations.

Our taylor-made strategies are backed by a comprenhesive analysis of the situations which caused the distress. Then, we identify corrective actions to create a solid base for the restructuration plan. We make sure that the proposal is feasible and realistic, and accepted by the key group of stakeholders involved. We provide an end-to-end service, from the analysis and planning stages to the consulting services.

On the debt portfolio side, Argoss Partners has been involved in multiple transactions of sale and purchase of non-performing credit portfolios (corporations, real estate or consumer loans). Additionally, we assess all the relevant strategies for NPL sales. 

These sales are a key tool for the banks, to manage in an effective way the potential losses arising from delinquent loans portfolios. We can provide support to both buyer-side (investors) and seller-side (banks).

Consultoria Financiera

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