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Non Performing Financing

How to make non-performing financing... to perform

Consultoria Financiera

Refinancing and turnaround of a non-performing debt is always a delicate process, that requires a high level of commitment of the organization’s executives and financial officers and an expert negotiation team to orchestrate the stakeholder’s best interests in a manner that’s acceptable for both lenders and creditors. An expert team is essential for the right assessment, planning and negotiation of the non-performing financing situation.

At Argoss Partners, we are proud to say that we can offer more than 40 years of combined experience in restructuring non-performing debts in a variety of complex forms and in a number of jurisdictions. Our success credentials involve a total of more than 25 billion dollars of restructured debt, ensuring the sustainability of the refinancing plans and the viability of the business operation. 

Firstly, we get involved with the financial and operative situation of the organization through a 360 degrees assessment of the business as a whole, with a holistic approach. We identify the strengths and the weaknesses of those processes and take immediate actions, to leverage the inward cash flow and to cut out sources of expenses and losses. Then, we set out strategic plans which we expertly negotiate with all the relevant parties: lenders, suppliers, labor force, etc. And we assess the development of the agreed plan to keep it feasible and in line with the business operating needs.

For further assistance please contact Argoss Partners. Email: and telephones: (+52) 55 3850 5237 y (+52) 55 3322 6692.

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