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Financial Management

The state-of-the-art solution in financial management

Consultoria Financiera

A situation of restructuration is always a red flag, which is warning us that something has not worked properly in the company’s financial and/or operative strategies. Therefore, the first thing we must do is to thoroughly analyze the company’s financial planning inside out, and then lay out a series of improvement strategies to ensure that the company will meet its expected revenue, and that it will ultimately generate enough cash to pay the financial debt.


With headquarters in Mexico City, Argoss Partners offers assistance, backed by our more than 40 years of combined experience in restructuring business debts. Argoss will prepare a thorough analysis of the situation and the layout of a feasible strategic plan. Argoss will continuously assist its clients in order to achieve satisfactory solutions for both the companies and their creditors. We understand how crucial is to adequately coordinate all the parties involved, since a misaligned approach always results in inefficiencies and deadlocks  which makes harder to preserve the value and viability of the businesses.

We deliver an organized, detailed strategic planning for stressed organizations. This includes an exhaustive analysis of both the financial and operative functions, identifying the company’s strengths and vulnerable areas and taking immediate action to regain the balance. 

Then, we support the organization’s management team during the negotiation phase. We act as an independent and impartial third-party advisor. But we also have extensive experience in the interaction with the lender’s executive and financial entities. 
We have successfully refinanced debt in a variety of complex forms (project finance, structured finance and asset-based lending) and in many different jurisdictions. 
We have ample experienced assessing the refinancing plan and the business performance, and we identify and activate the cash levers and cut down unnecessary expenses, to ensure the sustainability of the operations and the related debt structure.        

For further assistance please contact Argoss Partners. Email: and telephones: (+52) 55 3850 5237 y (+52) 55 3322 6692.

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