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ARGOSS Partners

beyond traditional restructuring services

Consultoria Financiera

ARGOSS provides sophisticated value-added advisory services to corporations and lenders facing a restructuring situation.

Our holistic approach includes financial and operating advisory services to provide a successful integral solution.

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Why ARGOSS Partners?

ARGOSS is impartial and independent.

ARGOSS team is “hands-on” and our effort is focused on making things happen in an agile and immediate way.

ARGOSS is perfectly aligned with key stakeholders and our primary target is the best possible outcome for our customers.

We have successfully refinanced debt in multiple complex forms (project finance, structured finance and asset-based lending) and in multiple jurisdictions.

We have ample experience interacting with lenders credit team and we understand their requeriments and needs.

It is of essence to coordinate management and lender’s teams in both financial and operational restructuring effort, as a misaligned approach always generates inefficiencies and complexity in the preservation of value and the viability of the corporations.


Which is ARGOSS Partners role?

ARGOSS team possesses an ample experience in all the key relevant roles (lender, borrower, management and advisor) involved in a restructuring process. We have a successful track record of more than USD 25 bn of debt positions restructured dealing with complex situations with multiple stakeholders and where the time is a constraint.

Our aim is to assist to both corporations and lenders to reach a balanced agreement that maintains the viability of the business and preserves the value for the involved stakeholders.

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ARGOSS Partners experience

ARGOSS team has a combined experience of more than 40 years in financial and operating restructuring that makes our value proposition differential.


We provide an unique approach with a set of skills that includes ample banking experience (Corporate and Investment Banking, Project Finance and Credit Restructuring) in leading international institutions, advisory experience as partners in several first-class consulting firms, and managing experience as COO and CFO in European and Latin American corporations.

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Our systematic and exhaustive approach covers the review of all the relevant areas of the business and the impact over involved stakeholders. This approach is intended to respond the basic questions of any successful restructuring process:


First step is to have a candid assessment of the reasons why the corporate is in distressed. Is there a one-off temporal reason or are there fundamental issues in the business that must be addressed? This will determine the right strategy.


Once the assessment is completed, we must identify the potential levers of the business and the potential restructuring alternatives. The priority is to stabilize the business and to preserve the value for the stakeholders. Time and determination are of essence to achieve this target.

Who is involved?

A restructuring process is not executed in isolation by the corporation and its shareholders, on the contrary it requires to involve and align the interest of multiple stakeholders (financial institutions, suppliers, employees, customers, administration, etc.) that are key to successfully implement the restructuring plan. The plan must be realistic, feasible and balanced to convince all the parties involved and aligned their interests.

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ARGOSS Partners approach

ARGOSS approach covers both tactical and strategic time horizons.


On an immediate basis, we will focus on the cash preservation and cash levers to have enough time to prepare a proper analysis and diagnosis. The outcome of this first phase will be a compelling refinancing strategy covering the main operating and financial aspects of the business.


In the short term, ARGOSS accompanies lender and management teams during the negotiation phase, advising the best way to implement the selected strategy and accompanying its customers, either lenders or borrowers, during this process.


On the medium-term the key is to assure the refinancing plan is realistic and viable, activating the cash levers and implementing identified savings of the business to assure the operating cash flow is enough to support the business’ needs and the sustainability of the debt associated to the business.

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Leadership team

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Services provided

On the corporate credit side, ARGOSS Partners provides an end-to-end service to our customers. We identify the root of the problem that has triggered the special situation and we act over it and fix it to assure the restructuring plan is viable and founded on solid pillars.


ARGOSS provides a 360-degree diagnosis including identified financial and operating issues. We have relevant managing and advisory experience that ensures the plan is realistic and do-able, and will be positively received by the involved stakeholders.


Our integral approach includes the assessment of the situation, design of the most adequate restructuring strategy and the implementation of the suggested strategy. A smooth execution of all the phases are essential to assure a positive outcome.


On the debt portfolio side, ARGOSS possesses a relevant experience as advisors in the sale and purchase of non-performing credit portfolios (corporate, real estate and consumer loans).



  • CFO of Altán Redes (Red Compartida) raising a complex multi-jurisdiction long-term financing of USD 1.5 bn plus USD 750 m equity.

  • Partner of PwC Restructuring team executing numerous transactions in Spain, Portugal and Brazil running a team of more than 50 consultants including 8 Directors.

  • Co-Head of Barclays Special Situations and having restructured a credit portfolio of more than EUR 5 bn.

  • Head of Barclays Spain Repossessed Real Estate Assets.

  • Head of Barclays Spain and Portugal Mid Corporate team managing a team of 100 bankers with Assets under Management (AUM) in excess of EUR 6 bn.

  • Head of Barclays Spain Project Finance team.

  • Head of ING Bank Project Finance team.

  • Igor has a bachelor's and master's degree in Business Administration by Universidad Complutense and Instituto de Empresa.

  • Igor has a Value Investing executive education certificate by Columbia University.



  • Licensed Bid Leader and Chief Resources Officer of Altán Redes (Red Compartida), building and running a USD2.3 bn organization.

  • Partner of PwC Consulting team, executing transformational / operational efficiency initiatives in leading companies in several sectors (airlines, travel & leisure, retail…).

  • Executive Transformation Director of British Telecom Global Services, restructuring and building cost efficient operations of all the Latin American and European operations.

  • Chief Resources Officer of ONO (sold to Vodafone USD 7.5 bn), heading the turnaround and transformation initiatives to build a viable operation.

  • Partner of Oliver Wyman and Heidrick & Struggles specialized in start ups and turn around and special situations.

  • Carlos has a bachelor's and master's degree in Business Administration by Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE) and IESE.

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Lago Alberto 319, Piso 6
Col. Granada, Alc. Miguel Hidalgo
11520, Ciudad de México, México

(+52) 55 3850 5237

(+52) 55 3322 6692

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